A Systematic Bioengineering Methodology 

For Complete Structural Correction and Body-Balance

Dr. Nelson Vetanze – Kansas City Seminar

Date: September 15, 2018    9am – 3:30pm

GRID Collaborative Workspace

12022 Blue Valley Pkwy   Overland Park, KS 66213

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 Presented by the creator of GPA and nationwide speaker Nelson Vetanze – BS, DC, CCEP, GPA.

The mantra of the great pioneers of our wonderful healing profession agreed on one belief: “A correct and accurate spinal/vertebral adjustment increases innate energy flow and enhances the innate healing of the body.” So, how can this be achieved? The answer has been a lifetime pursuit of Dr. Vetanze who has diligently studied and applied the teachings of Dr. Janse and Dr. DeJarnette. Combining his five decades of experience treating severe cases and professional athletes, Vetanze gradually developed a methodology known as Gravitational Pattern Alignment (GPA). Gravity constantly distorts the unbalanced biped and the basic concept of GPA is: first, investigate the entire skeletal structure and identify all unbalance; and secondly, create a systematic procedure to achieve and maintain a balanced two-legged postural structure, thus energizing the innate healing process.
At our seminar you will learn primary adjustive techniques used in the GPA system and will leave owning a specific, unique and awesome system, along with answers to following:

• Why is complete balance important?
• How is complete balance achieved?
• How are unbalanced areas detected?
• What areas should be adjusted first?
• What is the correct direction to adjust?
• How are long-lasting corrections achieved?

Learn from Dr. Vetanze – 1st ever NFL Team Chiropractor (1998), treated over 800+ NFL players and was the onsite chiropractor for “The Longest Yard” movie. (Did you know he has a Super Bowl Ring?) Learn how his GPA techniques are used to treat workman’s compensation claims and current athletes such as:

Jonah Arenado, MLB; Greg Bird, MLB; Chris Harris, NFL; Christian McCaffrey, NFL, Von Miller, NFL; Rod Smith, NFL Retired; Demaryius Thomas, NFL

See what people have to say about GPA

” In my opinion, the GPA system presents an objective, definitive, bioengineering concept to full spine and extremety adjusting. I highly recommend GPA and encourage you to embrace this program.”
Paul A. Jaskoviak, D.C.
Texas Chiropractic College

“Dr. Vetanze is the most unique chiropractor that I’ve been to. His techniques are very important with me playing at a high level and staying healthy”
Chris Harris, NFL Player

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