In 1974, Otis Armstrong (shown above) , Denver Bronco running back, was referred to my office by then coach – John Ralston- for treatment of a partially torn upper right hamstring muscle. In exam, the right ischium was significantly posterior and superior, as the biceps femoris was palpably unattached, swollen, hot, deformed and weak. Any attempted contraction was weak and severely painful.

There was a 1-1/2 ” right short leg and pelvis twisted and LAIN or left anterior innominate. Using blocks to balance the pelvic – sacral misalignment, I was able to balance the pelvis length to EVEN. I then duplicated the correction by using pelvic drop on hemi-pelvis, sacrum, ischium and a dropped navicular bone in right foot.

Post- correction, the pelvis and leg length corrected, Otis felt relief, and the soft tissue therapy began. M.r Armstrong healed completely, and went on to become an all-pro NFL running back, never having hamstring issues again.

This was the birth of Gravitational Pattern Alignment (GPA), correcting the weight bearing torso/ spine to be right / left equally balanced in the gravitational field in the upright position. Since 1974, I have given thousands of GPA treatments, fine tuning the technique while adding drop correction to the feet and occiput to complete alignment.

The historical theory in injury or pain treatment is treat the area of pain, making the clinical assumption that it is ALWAYS primary with NO other compensatory or non-compensatory changes. Use rest, ice, heat, stimulation, drugs, injections, PT, ET, rehab, and the affected area will heal! And it will!—But to what degree and perfectness?

All conservative treatment for soft tissue injuries focuses on treating the soft tissue only with little regard as to WHY the soft tissue failed! Was it weak? How about diet? Dehydrated? Overuse, etc! Perhaps all of these.

GPA gives you a different perspective!      IT’S STRUCTURAL!!!