Spend a day getting one-on-one training with GPA founder Dr. Nelson Vetanze – BS, D.C., CCEP or one of his trained associates.

Cost: $1800

  • Learn customized GPA techniques such as safe occipital correction with the proprietary Quick-Twitch Release technique
  • Hands-on practice with supervision and guidance
  • Experience customized pattern and detailed joint-by-joint procedures, specific to each patient
  • Develop skills utilizing drop tables for controlled body adjustments
  • Learn when to use automatic and manual drop tables
  • Acquire skills with portable lumbar sacral drop board
  • Embrace special techniques utilizing speeder board to optimize extremity adjustments
  • Restore sagittal balance – crucial as new research shows occipital connection to concussion trauma.
  • Create well-being and longer-term healing for your patients
  • New and unique Passive Release Wedge technique, in supine position, for upper cervical, spinal curvature and scoliosis conditions
  • Enhance ability to identify misalignment, correcting cause, and effect, resulting in:
    • Complete body balance
    • Faster healing
    • Long- lasting correction
  • Non-Force techniques for GPA variations