GPA Student

Dr. Nelson Vetanze adjusts Brandon Marshall Denver Broncos

Working together to work wonders. Designed for Chiropractic Students currently in school.

Is not the purpose of any science the expansion of knowledge and understanding? GPA is the next evolution of chiropractic medicine.

The skeletal system is held together by soft tissue. When this system becomes stressed and imbalanced by gravity, the soft tissue holding it all together misfires and eventually fails.

When our upright poster becomes gravitationally distorted then all of the body’s pulleys, in synchrony, are affected. And yet we’re trained to look at only the affected area, not to analyze and summarize what may have caused this failure.

The historical practice of treating disease is symptoms first, which is acceptable. But treating symptoms and eliminating the cause of symptoms is ideal and the essence of our revolutionary Gravitational Pattern Alignment methodology.

Using rest, ice, heat, stimulation, drugs, injections, surgery, etc., is purely palliative. For complete healing, the cause of the disorder must be eliminated, only then can healing begin – from the inside out – as you balance the unbalanced.

Cost: $1300

Introducing the Revolutionary Gravitational Pattern Alignment for Students

A Systematic and Unique Methodology Creating Complete Structural Correction and Body-Balance developed by Dr. Nelson Vetanze – BS, D.C., CCEP

What You Will Learn:

  • GPA evolved over four decades of healing patients and professional athletes, including nearly 900 retired and active NFL players, delivering optimum outcomes and performance.
  • Based on the effect gravity has on the biomechanics of the unbalanced biped, causing multiple joint misalignment.
  • Includes our comprehensive eManual and more than 50 videos — created exclusively for practicing professionals — that show subtleties and details of all GPA adjustments.
  • GPA identifies misalignment and systematically corrects cause, as well as effect, resulting in:
    • Complete body balance
    • Reduced injury risk
    • Faster healing
    • Longer-lasting correction
  • GPA offers a detailed customized, joint-by-joint procedure, specific to the patient.
  • You’ll learn unique drop table techniques for controlled adjustments.
  • Methodology creates total upright posture body balance, from toe to head, including: Feet – Ankles – Knees – Hips – Pelvis – Spine – Shoulders – Ribs – Neck – Head
  • You’ll master how to restore sagittal balance – crucial as new research shows occipital connection to concussion trauma.
  • Unique speeder board techniques created to optimize extremity adjustments.
  • Safe occipital correction with our proprietary Quick-Twitch Release technique
  • New and unique Passive Release Wedge Technique, in supine position for upper cervical, spinal curvature and scoliosis conditions
  • Non-Force techniques for GPA variations