Now there’s a unique chiropractic methodology that dramatically improves outcomes, eliminates your advertising budget and elevates your bottom line. Introducing the revolutionary Gravitational Pattern Alignment or GPA, developed by Dr. Nelson Vetanze – BS, D.C., CCEP.

It’s a systematic methodology that creates complete structural correction and total upright posture body-balance, from head to toe.  So it consistently “balances the unbalanced.”

GPA is based on Newton’s Third Law and its effect on the human body. When any body part is out of alignment, gravity immediately forces the body to rebalance. This creates distortions throughout the musculoskeletal chain.The goal of GPA is to the create a symmetrically balanced upright posture relative to the downward stress of the gravity, so it:

  • Identifies structural misalignment
  • Corrects and balances skeletal structure
  • Creates perfect posture

GPA not only identifies misalignment, its unique approach corrects cause as well as effect. It gives you a completely different perspective from which to act: It’s structural.

GPA Master Course

An online educational program to teach you the foundation of the methodology.

Cost $2500

GPA Master Certification

Hands on shadow training. (Requires Online Course Prior to Attendance)

Cost $1800

GPA Student

A program for Chiropractic Students. (Must show registration at chiropractic college.)

Cost $1300

GPA Follower

Free program. Access to Additional Chiropractic Training Materials.

Cost: Free

GPA Master Course

An educational program to teach you the foundation of the methodology.

GPA Master Certification

A combination of the online education course and hands on instructional training.

GPA Student

A program designed for Chiropractic Students.

GPA Follower

Free program.

GPA evolved over forty years, healing patients and professional athletes, including more than 850 NFL players. By creating complete body balance it reduces injury risk, promotes faster healing and long-lasting correction for optimum performance, regardless of age or profession.

In fact, we have patients from all over the world who feel GPA has added years to their careers and enriched their personal lives. This includes such celebrities as Burt Reynolds, William Fichtner, Michael Irvin, Brian Bosworth and Nelly.

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