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Gravitational Pattern Alignment

The basic concept of GPA (Gravitational Postural Alignment) is based on Newton’s Third Law of nature and its effect on the human body. When any body part is out of alignment, gravity immediately forces the body to rebalance creating distortions throughout the musculoskeletal chain.

Additionally, God designed the eyes to remain horizontal and the brain will make proprioceptive responses to hold the eyes level causing a profound impact on how the body compensates against gravity. The combination of misalignment, gravity, and level eyes will compound even a minor misalignment, taking a gradual, and increasing, toll on body parts and symptoms that may not appear for weeks or even years. The theory of GPA is to achieve and maintain the two-legged postural structure in an upright structure symmetrically balanced relative to the downward stress of the gravitational field. When this is achieved, discomfort will be ameliorated.